Hygiene Instructions

We are passionate about clean teeth! We want your teeth to be beautiful when the braces come off. 

Keeping a Healthy Smile.  Braces create small ledges, nooks and crannies for food deposits which can lead to white spots, cavities, and gum problems. This makes brushing and flossing more important when you are wearing braces.  When you brush and floss, handle your appliances carefully so you won't break or loosen them.  Following these cleaning tips will keep your smile healthy.

Brushing. Be sure to brush your teeth right after every meal and especially before bedtime.  It's best to use a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste to help fight cavities.  Start by brushing the outside of of each tooth especially where your gums and teeth meet using a circular motion.  Also, brush the inside and chewing surfaces of each tooth. You should brush at least three times a day.  Rinse daily with a fluoride mouth wash.

Flossing. Because your toothbrush won't reach between your teeth, brushing alone won't keep your teeth clean and healthy.  Flossing once a day is also necessary.  A floss threader helps you floss with braces on.  Thread floss through the threader and slip it up behind your archwire.  Pull the dloss between two teeth and up under your gum margins.  

Rinsing. Rinse about twice a day with fluoride mouth wash and watch your teeth and braces sparkle.